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Our Mission:

Help Detroit animals.

We work hand in hand with Detroit Animal Care and Control to help the homeless animals in our city. We also help DACC by doing all we can to keep animals out of the shelter in the first place.


What we do.

Friends of Detroit Animal Care and Control exists to support Detroit Animal Care and Control in the areas of volunteer management, donation solicitation and acceptance, and live release, which includes shelter intervention.

In terms of volunteer management, our goal is to create and train a team of volunteers who are knowledgeable of canine and feline body language, adept at handling animals in the most humane way, practice current scientifically based training methods, and who are advocates for this city, its citizens, and all animals. We rely on our volunteers to help provide enrichment to the animals in the shelter, assist the staff with daily operations, and interact with the public on our behalf, answering questions, providing information, and helping animals get adopted both onsite and at offsite events.

In terms of donation solicitation and acceptance, our goal is to supplement the budget allocated to the shelter by the city of Detroit, which falls short of what we need to operate a fully functional shelter and the programs we have created. We will do this by applying for grants, holding fundraisers, forming relationships with and stewarding donors and foundations, and accepting all material and in-kind donations from our volunteers and supporters.

In terms of live release, our goal is to work with DACC to expand and perfect their adoption program, foster program, and transfer/transport program. We want to host offsite adoption events and get animals from Detroit adopted back into Detroit, as well as surrounding communities. We also want to work with partner shelters in other regions of the state and country to move dogs and cats from our overpopulated area to areas where there is not such an abundance of homeless animals. We also want to expand our shelter intervention services to stem the flow of animals into the shelter in the first place by keeping them in their homes or reuniting them quickly if they become displaced.

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Shelter life is stressful.

But our volunteer program provides enrichment. Our foster program provides time out of the shelter. Our adoption program provides a solution. And our free microchip clinics prevent animals from ending up at the shelter in the first place.


What we believe.

Friends of DACC is a completely force-free organization. We believe in science-based training methods that are not harmful to a dog’s mental or physical state. We believe all dogs are individuals and we know that breed-specific legislation doesn’t work.


Our Impact

We run the volunteer program at DACC. We host offsite adoption events and participate in BISSELL’s Empty the Shelters, Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo, and help facilitate adoptions at DACC. We help keep pets out of the shelter by hosting free Pop-PUP clinics around Detroit with free microchips, free vaccines, and free exchanges of chains and prong collars for harnesses.



live release rate at dacc

With our combined efforts, Detroit Animal Care and Control has raised its live release rate dramatically in the past few years, and is still improving.



dogs and cats microchipped for free at pop-pup clinics

We have two Pop-PUP clinics under our belt so far, and both were a total success. Our second clinic also included free rabies vaccines and free city licenses.



animals adopted with the help of friends of dacc

Our board and volunteers have directly facilitated more than 200 adoptions since our inception in 2017, many at offsite events as near as City Bark downtown and as far as BISSELL HQ in Grand Rapids.