Can I crash on your couch?


our innovative short-term foster program

We came up with Couch Surfers as a way to help shelter dogs that we are putting up for adoption decompress before events. A two-week period out of the shelter really allows their personalities to shine and helps us find their forever homes. 

This program also allows us to see how a dog acts in a home environment--not to mention how they act with our host families. They may be exposed to other dogs, cats, children, or exotic pets in their Couch Surfer homes, and we can pass that information on to potential adopters when we are at adoption events. The information gleaned from host families is invaluable, as most dogs are stressed out in a shelter environment and may not act like themselves.

We also find that this is a great way for host families to dip their toes into fostering. With just a two-week commitment, you know exactly when your Couch Surfer will be leaving your home. Dogs in our program that do not get adopted will be returned to the shelter to be put up for adoption there or pulled into a rescue program--unless of course our host family wants to stay on and foster longer-term. We've even had host families adopt their Couch Surfers!